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Entrepreneurship is becoming a widely sought after degree in many colleges, for many reasons. For one, the idea of becoming an entrepreneur is rather fascinating. You are your own boss, you run your own business and you hire a team of like minded individuals to keep your business afloat. Another reason why entrepreneurship has become such a popular area of study is because seemingly, some of the most successful people in the world are entrepreneurs, such as Jason Hope in his many Entrepreneurial endeavors by Jason Hope. Also, an entrepreneur is often flexible with work and free to work on a project of their choosing. Being an entrepreneur often appeals to younger crowds more often than it appeals to older crowds of people. The reason behind this is younger individuals Entrepreneur are usually more incline to take a risk where as older individuals are often less likely to take risks. Entrepreneurship allow people to chase their passions and do what they love to do for a living rather than doing what they have to do for a living. Anyone has the ability to be an entrepreneur but few people have the drive to become a successful entrepreneur. Often times, entrepreneurs are faced with very tough challenges to over come such as profit loss, lack of company capital and legal lawsuits. Entrepreneurship is another form of leadership when it is pertaining to owning and running your business. The use of social media has ushered in a new form of entrepreneurial spirit nested within blog posts and other forms of media outlets. An example of a great internet entrepreneur would be Jack Dorsey, the creator of Twitter. Dorsey has been developing twitter for over eight years as an entrepreneur. If you are unaware, twitter is a social blogging platform used by well over one hundred and seventy five million people each month. As an entrepreneur, Jack Dorsey saw potential in an idea in which other people thought had no chance of any sort of national or international growth. Sean Parker is another great example of an entrepreneur. Sean was able to release downloadable music online for free with the creation of Napster. Sean Parker and Jack Dorsey both have one thing in common which is they never gave up. As an entrepreneur you will likely face challenges and obstacles from time to time. These type of things are easily overcome with persistence, dedication, hard work and believing in your idea as a qualified, confident entrepreneur!